Open Compute: DCIM and Facebook -- it's not homegrown

CA Technologies gets a big win for their datacenter infrastructure management technology.

At yesterday’s Open Compute Project Summit 2014 CA Technologies and Facebook announced that CA DCIM had been selected by Facebook as the datacenter infrastructure management tool of choice for Facebook’s worldwide datacenter infrastructure.

With an average of 728 million people using Facebook on any given day, it’s clear that a clear, informative view of the datacenter infrastructure, along with the tools to manage the far-flung components, is an important component in keeping those users happy and motivated to continue to use the site. And while DCIM is still a technology that is defining itself, the choice of CA DCIM by Facebook is a straight-up win for CA’s approach to infrastructure management.

CA was one of a dozen vendors selected by Facebook to complete a proof of concept of their DCIM approach.  From there they piloted a DCIM project in one of Facebooks’s datacenters. Following this extensive pilot project, where millions of energy related data points were gathered, monitored, and analyzed, using the custom solution designed with CA DCIM, Facebook selected the CA solution.

According to the announcement, it was the speed and scalability of the CA solution along with the ability to fine tune the DCIM tools and data modeling to meet Facebook’s current and future needs along with fine tuning to meet specific business objectives.

While not a homegrown solution for Facebook, it is a result of the Facebook initiated Open Compute Project. In a very short period of time Open Compute has drawn a great deal of industry support for hardware and software that is designed for use with the Open Compute specification hardware.