Open letter to Sony: Two free games? Thanks, but no thanks

An open letter to Sony, regarding the first (and second) downtime of their PlayStation Network, and why the two free games was unwanted compensation.

Zack Whittaker is saving a kitten from a nearby tree. Hana Stewart-Smith, a freelance journalist and all-round geek pens an open letter to Sony, regarding the recent double-downtime suffered by the PlayStation Network.

Dear Sony's PlayStation Network division,

Addressing a letter to a large voluminous mass is, as we all know, not a sure fire way to get your opinion heard. Not that I'm suggesting that you don't listen to your customers; I'm sure you've been hearing a hell of a lot from them lately. I know my voice is likely to be drowned out, but just give me a chance, I bet you've not heard this one yet.

I don't want anything from you. No, seriously, I don't. I don't need a fancy welcome back package and a choice of two classic games to fulfil my feelings of entitlement. Put it away and give me a hug; you abstract body you. It's good to have you back. I say this without a drop of sarcasm (which in this day and age may come as a surprise to you), and utter sincerity.

Now I know there's been this big hoopla about you being down for weeks and weeks, and people worrying about their credit card details being stolen... and then the whole thing where you came back only to go straight back down. The truth is that, despite this being such a big deal in the gaming community, has it directly affected my life in any way?

Absolutely not.

Everyone really freaked out! I heard some genuine fear; the hackers might have your personal details! How frightening! I do hope nobody ever reads my Facebook page, or I'm in real trouble. They might have stolen my credit card details?

Well, as it turns out, we put our details in a lot of places. It's pretty worrying how casually we do so. I know this probably sounds flippant for the people that have spent weeks stressing out about this, but I exercised as much caution following "The Big PSN Sleep" as I do all the time.

So I just wanted you to know that I don't see why we're entitled to anything at all from you, and I for one am perfectly alright with getting a big fat nothing but the network back.

If I were a PSN Plus customer I might be looking for a refund for the downtime, but I'm not, I'm just an average PSN gamer who was completely and utterly unaffected by the network being down. I really enjoyed the time I spent rediscovering how great single player games were and went back to multiplayer games where I was playing with someone in the same room as me.

If anything, the only thing I can think to have a go at you about is that you've reminded me just how few games exist without online functions, or that are at least not heavily geared towards online play.

So, to summarise: try not to let this happen again and we're all good, ta.

Hana xx