Open Source e-commerce WAP applications released

Open Source meets WAP with e-commerce applications

E-commerce company OpenSales releases what it claims are the first comprehensive open source e-commerce applications for WAP Wednesday.

The software applications, called AllCommerce and OpenSales Retailer, can be used to build e-commerce transaction facilities into WAP sites, enabling visitors to buy online using a internet-enabled WAP phone.

President and CEO of US-based firm OpenSales Bonnie Crater says that releasing the source code for these products makes perfect sense. "By providing non-technical people with a complete feature set to control an e-commerce site, OpenSales has made business online accessible to marketing professionals and merchandising managers representatives," she remarks.

Bill Claybrook, research director at IT consultancy the Aberdeen Group is also enthusiastic about moving open source software development to this new mobile technology. "The open source model is compelling for e-commerce because features demanded by the marketplace can be quickly rolled into the product," he says.

Although the adoption of WAP has been cautious in Europe, the emergence of the technology illustrates the lead that Europe has already taken over the US in the area of mobile communications.

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