Open-source iCufflinks let you show off your Apple love, style

Looking for the perfect accessory to prove your Apple love? These glowing cufflinks may be your thing.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor on

If you have ever watched your MacBook in sleep mode, then it is likely that you've noticed the strangely soothing pulse of light that emits from the device's front. And it's also likely that you enjoyed it.

This may be part of the reason why the makers at Adafruit created the iCufflinks, which allow wearers to take the MacBook's hypnotic pulsing with them wherever they go.

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Better for those of the hacking persuasion, the iCufflinks are completely open source, meaning that anyone with sufficient incentive and know-how can make whatever adjustments to the devices' behavior that they like.

Predictably, none of this will come cheap. The iCufflinks sell for $128, making them either the perfect father's day gift, or an expensive act of self-indulgence. But if cuff links aren't your thing, Adafruit is also preparing a necklace for a summer release. I'm sure the reviews for both products will be positively glowing.


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