Open source Mambo picks up award

Development led by silicon.com columnist
Written by Sylvia Carr, Contributor

Development led by silicon.com columnist

Mambo, an open source project headed up by silicon.com columnist Martin Brampton, has been named best open source software solution at the LinuxWorld Australia conference in Sydney.

The content management tool allows people without knowledge of HTML or other internet technologies to easily build and maintain websites. Mambo is used by both public and private sector organisations as well as individuals.

The Mambo team, comprised of about 50 active members from around the world, work on a voluntary basis, though Brampton, leader of the Mambo core development team, said they are interested in investigating opportunities for commercial sponsorship.

On winning the award, Brampton said: "We're very pleased to see that industry professionals recognise that Mambo continues to set the standard within the open source world."

Brampton said he was drawn to the Mambo project last autumn in part because he liked the flexibility provided by the scripting language it's built on, PHP.

"The issues that come up in creating a tool for building websites for people who aren't technical are pretty challenging and pretty interesting," he said.

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