Open Table co-founder introduces mobile marketing app

The software, initially available for iPhone, allows small businesses to send messages that can be distributed via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or email marketing services.

The co-founder of OpenTable, Glenn Allen, and Zynga mobile games designer Alan Wells have collaborated to create a new mobile application targeted at small businesses that want an integrated interface for sending marketing and social media messages.

Their company, Glyder, has created an app of the same name for the Apple iOS platform. It contains templates for creating content that can be distributed to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, MailChimp, Constant Contact and Passbook. You can also send text messages or emails that use Glyder content.

The basic application is free: you pay $0.99 for in-app purchases that give you additional distribution options or premium content or design templates.

Yes, that's the same sort of model used in many games where you have to download stuff to advance to another level.

The application is intended for small businesses with fewer than five employees.

"Very small businesses still struggle with the complexity of online marketing - they have to reach their customers on multiple platforms and are underserved by existing web-based tools," said Allen, in the company's press release about the new application. 

The Glyder app is different in that it isn't simply an adjunct to some Web-based marketing service. It is totally mobile. The technology has been used by boutique retail stores, restaurants and services businesses in a private beta test since August 2012.

"Our goal is to make getting effective content and professional design as easy as buying a virtual item in a game or a book on a Kindle," said Glyder co-founder Wells.

The company was incubated by 500Startups. Its backers include technology entrepreneurs involved with HubSpot, Involver, ReTargeter and Twylah.

For more information, see the video below: