Opera opens Singapore office as regional hub

Web browser maker opens office in Singapore, making it the company's regional head office and hub for Asia-Pacific including China, Korea, and Southeast Asian markets.

SINGAPORE--Opera Software has opened an office here which will serve as its regional head office, as the Norwegian software maker looks to expand its presence in Asia-Pacific. 

Opera's Singapore office is one of 17 worldwide.

The new office will house Opera's marketing,  operator and advertising business, and technical support, and serve as the regional hub covering China, Korea, and Southeast Asian markets. It has partnerships with 17 mobile operators across Asia, with which it rolled out co-branded Opera Mini browsers. 

The local office will be headed by Fabrizio Caruso, the company's Asia senior vice president, who will work with operators and brand advertisers to grow its mobile Web users as well as develop its advertising business in regional markets. 

Caruso said in a media statement released Friday: "Asia is the most dynamic and thriving mobile market in the world, and there are tremendous opportunities for operators and brands to reach and engage consumers through mobile devices. With people spending more time accessing the Internet on their phones, mobile advertising is the field that marketing agencies, publishers, and operators are increasingly looking into.

"It no longer means sending intrusive and irrelevant ads to a consumer's phone. Instead, it's about reaching the relevant audience and the ability to track results through various mobile content, such as Web sites, apps, mobile appstores, and even the browser itself."

He added that the Singapore office, as the regional hub, will be tapped to drive the mobile Internet and advertising sector across Asia-Pacific. With 900 employeesacross the globe, Opera also has offices in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, and a total of 17 offices worldwide including Singapore.

Over 300 million people each month use Opera Web browsers through various Web-connected devices including computers, mobile phones, and televisions, and the company generates over 60 million impressions per month through more than 13,000 sites and apps. In February, it spun off  its mobile advertising business into a fully-owned subsidiary, Opera Mediaworks.