Operational efficiency: Trans-United Corp. Ltd.

TUC approachs eMecca Consulting Pte Ltd in order to achieve its corporate vision.

Trans-United Corporation Limited (TUC) was formed when 12 bus companies merged to become the largest private bus operator in Singapore.

As the alternative to public transport, TUC buses ferry factory workers, school children and local and regional tours, and the company aims to become the most efficient and competitive private transport company in Singapore.


In order to achieve its corporate vision, TUC realised that it had to optimise its operational efficiency. Bearing these problems in mind, they approached eMecca Consulting Pte Ltd to provide a solution that enables resource allocation optimisation.

eMecca recognised that the challenge for TUC was to achieve resource allocation optimisation through streamlining its present operations through the use of IT. According to Dendy Harjanto, founder and CEO of eMecca Consulting, this reorganization of TUC’s backend resources was to be integrated into the existing operations with minimum disruption.

To meet these business and operational needs, eMecca developed and implemented a new vehicle routing and scheduling system that is based on an efficient and adaptable technology platform. The system will be a browser-based application that resides on the Internet, capable of providing instantly updated information about the bus routes and schedules that is operated by TUC. eMecca also helped TUC develop a Web site with an intuitive interface that is friendly to use.

TUC is more than happy with the results. With funding from the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board and eMecca supplying IT support, TUC is on its way to monitoring its private transporters automatically and remotely.