Optimus Maximus - Here's what a $1,490 keyboard looks like

The $1,500 Optimus Maximus keyboard.

Well, it's been years in development but Art Lebedev has finally finished development work on the 114-key color OLED (organic LED) Optimus Maximus keyboard. 

Optimus Maximus

Press shots have been released at CeBIT and I've compiled a gallery of the images here.  No keyboard prototypes are present at CeBIT, just the photos, so we shouldn't get all that excited.

The release date for the Optimus Maximus has been pushed to December 2007 (the company started taking pre-orders for the keyboard back in December 2006).

Initial thoughts:  It looks very smart, but I wonder if it's $1,500 smart.  I don't like the bevel on the keys and I'm concerned by the life-expectancy of the OLED displays.  It would, however, make experimenting with the Dvorak keyboard layout a lot easier!