Option-click everything: A treasure trove of hidden OS X tips

A thread on Stack Exchange includes a bunch of extremely useful OS X tips ranging from how to tab to the pesky state/country field on most forms to how to increase/decrease volume and screen brightness in quarter increments.

This great thread on Stack Exchange has over 100 awesome OS X tips. Including this one:

Want tab to go to every field on a form not just input fields?

I got sick of the state/country drop down fields of web forms being skipped when tabbing.

Go to System Preferences => Keyboard and set Full Keyboard Access to All Controls

alt text

Another useful tip is holding down the Shift and Option keys while changing the volume or brightness on your Mac, to change them in quarter increments. 

There are a bunch more, and it's an awesome read and worth saving in your favorite bookmarking service. While you're at it, add the Apple area on Stack Exchange to your bookmarks while you're at it. 

If you're a Mac tinkerer, check out the free TinkerTool application and Secrets, database of hidden settings for Mac OS X. Both are free.


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