Optus cuts 290 roles

Optus has confirmed that the number of roles to be cut as part of its restructure announced last month is 290.

Optus has confirmed that jobs cuts announced last month will peak at 290 roles coming mostly from New South Wales.

The cuts, announced in February were said at the time to come through the "streamlining of IT and network functions to leverage the group scale and drive greater efficiencies" with the mobile product and service development division will be moved from marketing to the customer division. 

Optus' vice president of corporate and regulatory affairs David Epstein said at the time that the change was part of Optus' transformation program, which started last year.

"These changes will see Optus elevate the prominence of branded activities, increase focus on building its fixed business in an NBN environment, ensure our marketing decisions are customer led, remove duplication, and streamline technology to improve efficiency of its internal IT systems and networks," Epstein said in a statement.

Optus confirmed that the 290 roles announced today were the only positions going as a part of this restructure.