Optus refunds customers for two-year coding error

Users of the Optus SurePage service will be refunded for a billing error that existed between July 2011 and September 2013.

At a cost of AU$8.8 million, Optus will refund approximately 235,000 postpaid mobile customers for a coding error that lived in its SurePage system for over two years. The company says that it has since fixed the error.

"Optus apologises to all customers who have been affected by this mistake," said Optus consumer CEO, Kevin Russell. " We have a single-minded focus to make things better for our customers, which means being honest and transparent about our mistakes, fixing them and compensating customers."

Optus said that over 175,000 of the affected customers will be refunded less than AU$50, and any customers concerned that they were over-charged do not have to do anything, as the company will get in touch with them.

The company says that it informed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman of the problem.

SurePage is an answering service that diverts unanswered mobile calls to an operator, with an SMS of the caller's mesage sent to the customer.