Optus signs on for BlackBerry, Facebook direct bill payments

Optus has jumped on the payments innovation bandwagon, allowing its customers to pay by having charges put on their mobile phone bill.

Optus is dabbling in different payment types, announcing today that it will let customers pay for apps and games by putting the charges directly on their mobile phone bill.

The telco has partnered with Boku so that Optus customers can have payments for Facebook credits, games, gifts and vouchers put on their bills. Customers pay via their mobile number, and confirm the purchase via text message.

It has also worked together with BlackBerry, making it possible for customers to buy apps and games on BlackBerry App World and have charges added to their bill.

Putting charges for items directly onto customers' Optus bill is simpler and safer than registering bank accounts or credit cards in order to pay, according to the telco. It plans to expand the direct billing to other platforms in the future.

"The partnerships announced today take us another step closer to the seamless connected world we're aiming to offer Optus customers. We're committed to providing customers with a simpler, safer and easier user experience when it comes to making payments online," Optus VP of Digital Communities and Ecosystems Austin R Bryan said in a statement.

Payments technology is an area of significant innovation at the moment, with some organisations, such as the Commonwealth Bank and Westpac , dabbling in near-field communication (NFC) payments, while Apple allows customers to pay for items in-store using an app on their phone.