OR slams Iomega over Zip claims

120Mb floppy drive maker OR Technology today slammed rival Iomega's "smoke and mirrors" announcement of a notebook-optimised Zip drive.

Mike Dalton, European director of marketing for OR, forecast it would be impossible for Iomega to fit a Zip into the notebook format and criticised the firm for not providing details of power consumption and form factor in its announcement.

"It's an announcement totally lacking in substance," Dalton said. "They've probably got wind of our announcement and felt they had to say something. I look forward to seeing how they fit a wide 7mm high cartridge into a standard notebook floppy bay. Quite frankly, they're free to announce as many crazy things as they like, but I hope we're not going back to the days of announcing products a year before shipping. Their PR machine will go off the rails eventually. If you're a notebook maker, who are you going to buy from: a firm that wants you to re-engineer your product or one that says 'Keep your current format and compatibility with 1.44Mb floppies?'"

Dalton added that OR will ship its 120Mb a: drive product in the second quarter of 1997.