Oracle appeals five-year US copyright case against SAP

Oracle has rejected SAP's offer of $306 million to settle a copyright infringement case launched in 2007, according to SAP.
Written by Spandas Lui, Contributor on

Software vendor Oracle has decided to appeal its US copyright court case against competitor SAP, after the payout amount was downgraded by a judge last year, according to SAP.

An SAP spokesperson confirmed Oracle's decision to appeal and that the case could be dragged out for another two years, according to a report by Reuters.

Oracle launched the court case against the German software vendor in 2007, accusing SAP's subsidiary TomorrowNow of downloading patches and support documents directly from Oracle's website and using it for commercial purposes.

TomorrowNow provides support services for legacy Oracle products.

In 2010, the jury on the case wanted SAP to pay US$1.3 billion in damages, but last year, a US District Judge quashed the verdict and cut the payout amount to US$272 million. The judge also gave Oracle the option to begin a new trial against SAP.

SAP wanted to pay Oracle US$306 million in a bid to quickly resolve the long-running court case.

ZDNet Australia has contacted SAP and Oracle for comment.

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