Oracle buys Brazilian firm Oxygen Systems

Acquisition of Netsuite developer is announced as the software giant presses ahead with a plan to grow its SME market share in the country.

Oracle has announced its acquisition of Brazil-based Oxygen Systems as it drives efforts towards growing its small and medium enterprise (SME) market share in the country.

Created in 2017 as a spin-off of Chilean IT integrator Sonda, Oxygen Systems is focused on the localization of the systems offering under Oracle's enterprise resource planning (ERP) Netsuite.

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Oracle's low-key announcement simply states that the acquisition, which has been completed, "strengthens Oracle NetSuite support for international and global customers, delivering a seamless ERP localization experience in Brazil."

Small and medium enterprises represent 20 percent of Oracle's business in Brazil and over the last couple of years, it has been focusing on chasing more clients in that space.

Oracle's SME clients tend to go for the company's cloud offering, which has been boosted by the Netsuite portfolio since 2017.

According to Oracle Brazil president Rodrigo Galvão, improving the company's popularity among SMEs - the overall cloud ERP space is dominated by Brazilian firm Totvs - is a key strategic priority. 

"All transitions takes time, as do customer references and projects that reflect on the bottomline," Galvão said last year.

"But I believe that we will soon be better positioned due to the robust way we are organized in terms of capability we can offer to these companies and the fact we have been building an ecosystem around [the SME segment] as well as specialized manpower," he added.