Oracle continues cloud push with database backup, storage cloud rollouts

On track with April's planned cloud announcements, Oracle released two enterprise-grade products that it says supports the adoption of hybrid cloud platforms.

Oracle rolled out Monday the Oracle Database Backup Service and the Oracle Storage Cloud service — enterprise-grade cloud products that the company said support the adoption of hybrid cloud platforms.

The database backup service is part of Oracle's PaaS portfolio and designed to be incorporated as part of a business's multitier recovery strategy. The service is integrated with Oracle Recovery Manager, allowing RMAN users to continue operating with familiar commands, and also includes client-side encryption to provide end-to-end data security.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 9.49.03 AM

For Oracle Storage Cloud, the API-compatible system provides access to data through REST and Java, and is touted by the software giant to lower operational costs and boost reliability for storing data backups.

Oracle's push to expand its infrastructure cloud services comes at a time when businesses are looking for portability between on-premise and cloud environments as a differentiator, according to Chris Pinkhan, Oracle's SVP of product development:

The new services are based on open standards, integrated to work together seamlessly, and designed to support full portability between on-premises and cloud environments.

Oracle this month is expected to roll out a series of cloud announcements. On April 30, Oracle is holding a marketing cloud launch event to outline its integrated suite including the acquisitions of BlueKai, Compendium, Eloqua and Responsys along with its social offerings. The rollup will be called Oracle Marketing Cloud.

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