Oracle courts reluctant PeopleSoft

Oracle's hostile bid for its rival puts PeopleSoft's less contentious offer for J.D. Edwards in jeopardy. A ZDNet UK News Focus
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Ellison unsure on next move in PeopleSoft battle
Mon 7 July Oracle's chairman says he does not know if he will increase his company's hostile takeover bid Deadline extended for selling PeopleSoft shares
Fri 4 July Oracle has given PeopleSoft shareholders another two weeks to accept its takeover bid Oracle faces big bills in buying PeopleSoft
Fri 4 July PeopleSoft's new customer guarantees pose a multimillion-dollar problem for would-be acquirers PeopleSoft prescribes poison-pill sales contracts
Thurs 3 July Takeover-target PeopleSoft, which has just announced a better-than-expected quarterly forecast, is boosting sales by promising substantial rebates if it is acquired PeopleSoft outlook defies expectations
Wed 2 July Disruption from Oracle's hostile bid has failed to dent PeopleSoft's second-quarter earnings, the company says Oracle puts off lawsuit
Wed 2 July Oracle has delayed its lawsuit against PeopleSoft's acquisition of J.D. Edwards because of the more drawn-out timeline dictated by the Department of Justice's antitrust inquiries PeopleSoft pleads again for shareholder support
Tues 1 July PeopleSoft has reasserted its opposition to Oracle's hostile bid in a letter asking for support from its shareholders Oracle faces formal antitrust scrutiny
Tues 1 July Oracle's hostile bid for PeopleSoft will be officially investigated by the US Department of Justice Oracle approaches antitrust deadline
Mon 30 June Oracle will hear on Monday whether its hostile bid for PeopleSoft will clear antitrust hurdles Antitrust ally returns to haunt Oracle
Fri 27 June A lawyer who worked alongside Oracle to fight Microsoft dominance has been hired by takeover-target PeopleSoft PeopleSoft pleads for customers' support
Thurs 26 June PeopleSoft is urging customers to buy more of its products to boost its financial performance Oracle: We'll take J.D. Edwards too
Wed 25 June Oracle has said it will consider buying PeopleSoft even if the proposed merger with J.D. Edwards goes through, and more acquisitions may be on the cards US states weigh antitrust aspect of Oracle bid
Wed 25 June US state attorneys general have held a conference call evaluating antitrust concerns over Oracle's bid for PeopleSoft Oracle could raise PeopleSoft price
Wed 25 June 'Never say never,' said Oracle chief Larry Ellison, when asked if his company's hostile bid for PeopleSoft would increase Ellison extends support promise in PeopleSoft bid
Tues 24 June Oracle AppsWorld: In his keynote, Larry Ellison slammed Web services and CRM software hype - and promised extended support for PeopleSoft products if Oracle's takeover bid is successful Oracle removes impediment to PeopleSoft takeover
Tues 24 June Oracle will allow PeopleSoft to make changes to its offer for J.D. Edwards, removing an obstacle repeatedly cited by PeopleSoft J.D. Edwards users speak out against Oracle
Tues 24 June J.D. Edwards customers fear being left out in the cold, if Oracle's hostile bid for PeopleSoft succeeds Oracle and PeopleSoft will clear antitrust hurdles
Mon 23 June Minor concessions would allow Oracle's bid for PeopleSoft to gain antitrust approval PeopleSoft shares scarce, says Oracle
Mon 23 June PeopleSoft investors are holding on to their shares but Oracle has no plans to raise its cash offer PeopleSoft spurns Oracle a second time
Fri 20 June Oracle's latest bid remains too low for PeopleSoft's board of directors J.D. Edwards inflates golden parachutes
Fri 20 June Severance payments to J.D. Edwards' executives if the contentious PeopleSoft merger goes through have been given a generous boost by the company's board Oracle boosts PeopleSoft bid
Wed 18 June As well as upping its take-over offer, Oracle has launched legal action against PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards PeopleSoft offers cash to keep customers
Wed 18 June The software maker is adding a price-protection clause to customer contracts to keep sales from stalling as a result of Oracle's hostile takeover bid PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards unite to defend merger
Mon 16 June In a move that may be designed to fend off Oracle's hostile manoeuvring, the two companies have announced changes that will speed up their merger PeopleSoft fights back against Oracle takeover
Mon 16 June As the PeopleSoft-J.D. Edwards-Oracle battle continues, another lawsuit has been filed that aims to stop Oracle's takeover bid J.D. Edwards sues Oracle for $1.7bn
Fri 13 June The company alleges that Oracle's hostile takeover bid for PeopleSoft is aimed at disrupting a proposed PeopleSoft-J.D. Edwards merger PeopleSoft: Oracle's bid is not enough
Thur 12 June PeopleSoft officially rejected Oracle's takeover bid and confirmed its intention to acquire J.D. Edwards Oracle wants to meet PeopleSoft
Tues 10 June Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison wants to meet with PeopleSoft in order to try and change the company's 'negative position' regarding the hostile takeover Oracle will not swallow 'poison pill'
Mon 9 June Oracle has told PeopleSoft to dissolve its 'poison pill' -- a financial tactic to make hostile takeovers more expensive -- and agree to terms before 7 July Oracle will not sell PeopleSoft products
Mon 9 June PeopleSoft customers are concerned about their software investment after Oracle made a hostile move to buy the company last week PeopleSoft acquisition move 'provoked' Oracle
Mon 9 June News analysis: By acquiring JD Edwards, PeopleSoft will have evolved from a HR software company into a business applications provider - which is not what Oracle wanted Oracle makes surprise bid for PeopleSoft
Fri 6 June PeopleSoft had announced plans to buy J.D. Edwards, but now finds itself contemplating being taken over by Oracle PeopleSoft merger to create software giant
Mon 2 June PeopleSoft is to buy J.D. Edwards, a move that will create the world's second-largest business software company COMMENTARY
Microsoft's shadow falls over PeopleSoft spat
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Conway touts J.D. Edwards merger, chides Oracle
At CeBit America in New York, PeopleSoft CEO Craig Conway says his company's plan to acquire J.D. Edwards has been well-received by Wall Street - and urges competitors Oracle and SAP to take notice.
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