Oracle: Endeca to E-Business Suite; 12c generally available

Oracle's Endeca extensions to its flagship ERP suite are designed to turn up actionable data faster without a business intelligence system.

Oracle on Monday said it was adding E-Business Suite extensions to its Endeca search tools and made its Database 12c generally available.

On the E-Business Suite front, Oracle said it was adding Endeca extensions to search operational data in real-time with a new user interface that includes visualization and guided navigation. According to Oracle, the general theme is to surface information that would be hard to find in a conventional ERP interface.

Among the key details:

  • Endeca will be integrated into the E-Business Suite so information is put into an in-memory data model.
  • The E-Business Suite will have performance metrics and instant search results served up via Endeca.
  • Endeca will be pre-integrated and require "minimal setup."
  • Order management, channel revenue, procurement, project management, supply chain, inventory management cost management, recruitment modules and other key ERP processes will be integrated with Endeca.


Oracle touted the Endeca extensions as a way to find information in ERP systems faster. Oracle noted that ERP managers have a tough time finding useful information in systems. We'll overlook that Oracle also designed these ERP systems that are hard to navigate without a business intelligence. Endeca and search are viewed as better ways to extract data without another investment.



Separately, Oracle said that its Database 12c, which is designed for cloud infrastructure, is now generally available. Oracle announced a bevy of cloud partnerships last week with Salesforce, NetSuite and Microsoft.

The key feature of Oracle Database 12c is that it supports multitenancy. Multitenancy is an architecture that supports software as a service. Oracle Database 12c will be available to be cloned and save on maintenance chores and costs.


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