Oracle hands Salesforce golden egg's Benioff grabs attention at an otherwise lackluster Oracle Open World.

"Ladies and gentlemen step right up to the greatest show on earth! A three ring circus here for your entertainment."

In ring number one we had Oracle and Exalytics. That bombed. In ring number two we had Oracle and SAP. That wasn't such a great act. Now for your delectation we have Oracle and That's bound to generate a lot of laughs. This is one show you simply cannot miss.

So...Oracle reschedules Marc Benioff, CEO's keynote to some g-d awful time of day, which Benioff flips to having been cancelled. Nice when you can get away with it and of course the media are all over the story like a dose of wildfire clap.

The reality is that Benioff has made the holding of a pitch-lunch at the San Francisco St Regis during Oracle Open World something of a 'must attend' event for media types. It's always lighthearted fun and makes a welcoming contrast to the heavy air inside the Moscone Center. Now Benioff gets to up the ante, guaranteeing it will be a standing room only show.

This time there is no need to attend in person. The Tweetstream will keep us all entertained.

As a side note I asked Benioff to clarify his remark that 'the revolution starts here.' Last year he said 'We come in peace,' as a jibe aimed at Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's use of Iron Man ephemera as the backdrop to the 2010 Open World show. His reply?

“@dahowlett: @Benioff - whatever happened to 'we come in peace?' (lol)” I think they heard us say we come in…

Which leads me to the inescapable conclusion that Ellison may be left humming the lyrics to 'Bits and Pieces.'

(I'm in pieces, bits and pieces) Since you left me and you said goodbye (I'm in pieces, bits and pieces) All I do is sit and cry (I'm in pieces, bits and pieces) You went away and left me misery (I'm in pieces, bits and pieces) And that's the way it'll always be