Oracle lands LinkedIn support on Social Cloud, updates Marketing platform

Ahead of its Marketing Cloud Interact 2014 event in San Francisco, the enterprise software giant announced updates to both its Social and Marketing Cloud platforms.

Ahead of its Marketing Cloud Interact 2014 event in San Francisco, enterprise software giant Oracle announced updates to both its Social and Marketing Cloud platforms.

On the Social Cloud front, Oracle said its Social Relationship Management platform now supports LinkedIn and joins the social network for professional's Certified Company Page Partners Program. Oracle joins Adobe, and Hootsuite to become the tenth company partner on the network.

Oracle said the LinkedIn support gives SRM customers the ability to partake in a bevy of relationship management, big data and analytics activities. Most notably, the analytics feature gives users page-level and post-level reports that include metrics such as number of likes and comments on a LinkedIn update.

Additionally, customers will be able to tap into Oracle SRM's proprietary features for LinkedIn, including Dynamic Link Tracking and Smart Publishing.

Judith Sim, chief marketing officer for Oracle, said the LinkedIn support was key to bringing users access to the social network's unique data source:

LinkedIn is an invaluable platform for marketers, especially B2B organizations like Oracle. Oracle gains a better understanding and interaction with customers, potential customers and influencers to deliver a superior customer experience across the complete life cycle.

As for its Marketing Cloud, key updates include look-alike modeling for pinpointing customer prospects, more mobile-native engagement options, and simplified content marketing and distribution capabilities.

Oracle has been piecing together its Marketing Cloud through its acquisitions of BlueKai, Compendium, Eloqua, and Responsys — and those platforms all received integration updates today.

They stack up like this:

  • The BlueKai data management platform now allows for the creation of customized look-alike models that learn from the seed data of existing top customers to find new, high-value audiences.

  • Oracle Responsys APIs have been extended to support automated, programmatic SMS messaging.

  • A new Oracle Eloqua marketing operations center allows marketing operations teams to analyze system performance and throughput and perform maintenance tasks.

  • Marketers can now send personalized push notifications to mobile devices via Oracle Responsys Marketing Platform Cloud Service.

  • Enhancements to both Oracle Responsys' and Oracle Eloqua's e-mail message designer help marketers create and test pixel-perfect responsive e-mails.

The success of Oracle's Marketing Cloud vision hinges heavily on its ability to integrate the platforms in a holistic, seamless manner. 

John Stetic, group vice president of products for Oracle Marketing Cloud, said in a statement:

Delivering marketing solutions that simplify marketing processes and enable true customer-centric marketing are key to creating ideal customers and brand advocates. The latest updates to Oracle Marketing Cloud reinforce our commitment to delivering marketing simplicity in an easy-to-use, enterprise-ready marketing platform so marketers can focus on their ultimate objective — attracting and developing ideal customers.