Oracle, NetSuite forge cloud alliance for mid-size businesses

Oracle is covering all of its bases in the cloud this week with another industry partner announcement. This time, it's with good friend NetSuite.

Oracle's new enterprise cloud strategy continues to unfold this week as the tech giant reveals some news with NetSuite.

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The Silicon Valley giants are joining forces on a new scheme to deliver HCM and ERP cloud services, connecting HR and finance systems, to mid-size businesses on one unified platform.

Essentially, the package deal will be comprised of services from Oracle's HCM Cloud (i.e. HR and talent management) and NetSuite's Cloud ERP solutions for sales, financials and fulfillment.

At companies where Oracle HCM is already deployed, these customers will get two-tier NetSuite deployments to be integrated with existing corporate HR systems.

Deloitte has also been tapped as the third partner in this initiative for crafting a dedicated practice about new and faster integrated Software-as-a-Service deployments.

The public discussion comes just one day after Oracle revealed a new nine-year deal with long-time "frenemy" and two days after a new partnership with Microsoft .

Both arrangements strengthen Oracle's footing in the cloud, which the Redwood Shores, Calif.-based company finally delved into last summer.

We'll hear more about the announcement during a joint conference call with Oracle president Mark Hurd and NetSuite CEO Zack Nelson at 2PM PT/5PM ET today.

That's not all.

Thursday after the bell should be interesting as Oracle CEO Larry Ellison will be joined by CEO Marc Benioff for another conference call at 1PM PT/4PM ET.