Oracle opens cloud platform, sponsors OpenStack

Previously considered to be completely closed off, Oracle is now integrating OpenStack components into its products.

The OpenStack Foundation has gained Oracle as one of its corporate sponsors.

As part of becoming a sponsor of the foundation, Oracle will begin integrating OpenStack cloud management components into a number of its own products, such as its Solaris, Linux, and VM offerings, as well as its cloud-based services.

Oracle chief corporate architect Edward Screven said in a statement that the company's goal through the sponsorship is to give its customers greater choice and flexibility into how they use Oracle products and services.

While a move toward OpenStack would make it easier for customers to migrate to Oracle's offerings, it would also make it easier to churn to a competitor. However, the company says it has a vision of a more common cloud management platform.

An additional benefit to Oracle is that the common platform allows greater interoperability between its existing products — Solaris 11 users will be able, for example, to expand their use of the product into OpenStack-based cloud deployments.

Oracle began eyeing OpenStack integration in September this year, joining HP and many other vendors who had placed their support behind it.

Previously, in April 2012, Forrester analyst James Staten opined that Oracle and OpenStack were two fundamentally different strategies, highlighting Oracle's closed cloud ecosystem.