Oracle releases preview of Raspberry Pi-compatible Java SE8 for ARM

Oracle has launched the first developer preview of Java Standard Edition 8 for ARM, which includes tools for building JavaFX apps for ARM-based Linux systems such as the Raspberry Pi.

Oracle has released the first developer preview of Java Standard Edition 8 (SE8) for ARM processors, which allows developers to build apps for a number of platforms and also includes JavaFX on Linux.

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Java SE8 for ARM can be used by developers to build applications for embedded systems. The release also includes JavaFX for Linux (JDK8) support for building apps that run on Linux systems using an ARM processor, such as the Raspberry Pi.

"This is a great platform for doing small embedded projects, a low-cost computing system for teaching, and great fun for hobbyists," Stephen Chin, Java Evangelist at Oracle, said in a company blog post. 

Oracle hopes its development team can get feedback on the Java SE8 preview from the Java community, which is being encouraged to share both problems and success stories. 

The Java 8 preview follows on from Java SE6 and Java SE7, which are both still in use today. Oracle originally planned to end updates, patches and security fixes for Java SE6 in July 2012, but the delayed introduction of Java SE7 set the retirement date back to November. Oracle then announced on 3 December that it will continue to support Java 6 until at least mid-February 2013 .