Oracle revs cloud push with Eloqua marketing tech buy

Oracle is buying Eloqua, a provider of cloud-based marketing and revenue management technology, for $871m, as the database giant grows its range of cloudy software aimed at specific industries.

Oracle is to buy Eloqua, a provider of cloud-based marketing and revenue management technologies, for $871m.

The acquisition was announced by Oracle on Thursday and sees the company continue its strategy of building cloud-based software packages targeted at specific industries.

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"Modern marketing practices are driving revenue growth and it is a critical area of investment for companies today," Thomas Kurian, Oracle's executive vice president of Development, said. "Eloqua's leading marketing automation cloud will become the centrepiece of the Oracle Marketing Cloud."

Eloqua's board has unanimously approved the transaction. The company's senior vice president of professional services, Karen Pisha, spent nine years at PeopleSoft, which was acquired by Oracle, while chief marketing officer Heidi Melin had previously worked at Taleo, another Oracle buy. 

The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2013 and specific financial terms were not disclosed. Oracle did not say how long it will take to integrate Eloqua's technology into its Oracle Marketing Cloud product.

The cloud buy fits in with  Kurian's vision, outlined at this year's Oracle OpenWorld , of the company offering its technologies "to any customer, any user, any partner anywhere in the world through the internet browser".

It also serves as a reminder of Oracle's fondness for acquiring companies and rebranding the technologies under the Oracle brand name, which plays into the argument that Oracle is attempting to become ' the Apple of the enterprise '.