Oracle-Salesforce partner: 10 (mostly shocked) reactions

The people are rather surprised.


Oracle and Salesforce inked a major, nine-year-long deal this morning to combine their cloud computing offerings. 

You can read the details here , but suffice to say that it's a major, major announcement: Oracle and Salesforce are bitter rivals in enterprise software, and collaboration of any kind stands in stark contrast to how the companies have treated each other in the past. (With considerable irritation, in case you were wondering.)

Reactions online are already pouring in, and it's mostly shock.

Ten of our favorites:

Offerpop Director of Content Marketing Jesse Noyes swears he just saw pigs fly:

Computer scientist Roni Leibovitch is just not buying it:

CRM consultant Mark Reuter just gives up:

Reuters reporter Jim Finkle is already shopping for a baby shower gift (we recommend a miniature yacht):

IT director Dominic Sayers smells blood in the water:

Meanwhile, Addvocate CEO (and former Salesforce-r) Marcus Nelson is thrilled:

Thomas Wailgum, a vice president at ASUG, the SAP customer organization, is waiting for a sign:

Tech PR queen Brooke Hammerling thinks the whole thing is totes adorkable:

Datacenter don Mark Thiele thinks Oracle's recent dealmaking is about as stable as a house full of The Bachelorette contestants:

And finally, Wall Street Journal reporter Shira Ovide asks an extremely pertinent question

A fair point: we wouldn't want to force them or anything.

Photo illustration inspired by this, of course.