Oracle sexual harassment victim gets further compensation

Oracle has been ordered to pay close to AU$162,000 in damages to former employee Rebecca Richardson, with the court granting interest on the damages.

The Full Federal Court in Australia has ordered technology giant Oracle to pay former employee Rebecca Richardson AU$161,572.24 in compensation for sexual harassment in the workplace.

In 2013, the Federal Court ordered the company to pay Richardson just AU$18,000 in damages for sexual harassment that the former project manager said she had received from sales representative Randol Tucker between April and November in 2008.

Richardson resigned in March 2009 for a role at EMC.

"I have loyally and faithfully served Oracle for 10.75 years. It is extremely unfortunate that Oracle has mismanaged this situation to such an extent that I have been compelled to issue this letter confirming the termination of our employment relationship," Richardson said in her resignation letter.

Despite a victory in the Federal Court, Richardson was left with both her own and Oracle's legal bills associated with the case . Justice Robert Buchanan said that while Tucker's actions were "persistent and ultimately callous", and Oracle did not take all the reasonable steps to prevent his conduct, Richardson left Oracle voluntarily for EMC on a wage slightly lower than her wage at Oracle.

Richardson appealed the ruling, and the Full Court in July increased the amount that Oracle would have to pay to Richardson to AU$130,000, and ordered that Oracle pay the costs of the appeal.

Today, the court ordered that Oracle will now pay Richardson an extra AU$31,572.24 in interest, bringing the total damages to AU$161,572.24. According to the judgment, Oracle did not oppose this additional money being awarded to Richardson.

The court also ordered Oracle to pay Richardson's costs up to September 20, 2010, and then on an indemnity basis from September 21, 2010.