​Oracle steps up Solaris cloud push with Docker integration

Having included a full distribution of OpenStack in Solaris 11.2 and signed up to the Open Container Initiative, Oracle now wants to integrate Docker into its server OS.

Oracle launches Solaris 11.2: Exadata, OpenStack fueled relevance?

Oracle wants to make Solaris more of a platform instead of an operating system. Whether Solaris succeeds may depend on traction in engineered systems as well as OpenStack integration.

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As part of its effort to increase the use of Solaris in cloud environments, Oracle today unveiled plans to integrate Docker into the Unix-based operating system.

Oracle's aim is to make it easy for developers to use the open-source container platform to distribute apps built and deployed in Solaris Zones, the virtualisation technology inside Solaris.

The enterprise software giant said it is also planning to make other products, including Oracle WebLogic Server, available for development and testing as Docker images.

Docker is the most popular technology for automating the creation and deployment of apps in containers - a lighter-weight form of virtualisation. The idea is to free developers from software and infrastructure dependencies, cutting costs and creating efficiencies in the process.

"Today's announcement really gives developers the best of both worlds - access to Oracle Solaris' enterprise-class security, resource isolation and superior analytics with the ability to easily create containers in dev-test, production and cloud environments," Oracle Solaris Core Technology vice president Markus Flierl said in a statement.

"Integrating Docker into Oracle Solaris will make that even easier and will help customers benefit from highly-integrated compute on premises and in the cloud."

Last year IDC estimated Unix server share at 13.6 percent of the market in the fourth quarter, with Windows at 45.7 percent. Web survey site W3Techs puts Solaris use at less than 0.1 percent of all the websites whose operating system it could identify.

As part of the same drive to encourage the use of Solaris in cloud environments, Oracle last year included a full distribution of the OpenStack open-source cloud platform in Oracle Solaris 11.2.

Last week the company also became a signatory to the Open Container Initiative, the non-profit project to establish container standards, created under the auspices of the Linux Foundation.

The recently-released beta for Oracle Solaris 11.3 includes a number of new Oracle Solaris Zones features, including secure live migration, live reconfiguration and verified boot for Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones.

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