​Oracle wins damages vs. third-party maintenance firm Terix

A judge awarded Oracle $57.7 million in damages in a lawsuit against Terix that revolved around distribution patches and updates to the Solaris operating system.

Oracle was awarded $57.7 million in damages after a federal judge ruled that third-party maintenance provider Terix and its affiliates distributed Solaris support materials.

The win comes a few weeks after Oracle won $14 million in damages against co-defendant Maintech.

According to Oracle it has won $71 million in damages against defendants in the Solaris lawsuit. In a nutshell, Oracle maintained that third party maintenance firms didn't have rights to patches to the Solaris operating system.

In the big picture, Oracle's legal win doesn't amount to much from a money perspective. However, the judgement does put third party support providers on notice. The Terix win is also worth mentioning in the context of Oracle's long-running court skirmish with Rimini Street, a third party software support player that has been growing rapidly and landing enterprise customers.

Terix provides third party hardware maintenance for Sun, IBM and HP UNIX servers as well as blade servers and storage gear.

Based on the ruling, Terix isn't allowed to sell or provide Oracle or Sun software and support materials including updates, bug fixes, patches and firmware. Terix also to inform its current customers of the situation, can't access any password protection portion of an Oracle site and give away or sell user credentials. Oracle also gets to annually audit Terix's work related to Oracle and Sun hardware for the next five years.

Here's the statement, Terix has to give customers.