​Oracle, Xamarin forge mobile, cloud pact

The two companies aim to meld developers, back-end systems and mobile enterprise apps.


Xamarin, which provides a mobile development platform for enterprises, said it has partnered with Oracle in a move that gets it access to more companies. Oracle links up with Xamarin's developer community.

Under the partnership, Xamarin will provide a software development kit for Oracle's mobile cloud service. The upshot is that the two companies are trying to be more mobile friendly and connect cross platform apps to Oracle's back-end software.

Among the moving parts:

  • Xamarin will combine its Test Cloud and Insights services with Oracle's analytics tools.
  • Xamarin gets access to Oracle's Fusion Middleware customer base.
  • Oracle can use Xamarin to reach mobile developers.

Xamarin has rode shotgun with enterprise players such as Box, Cisco and Workday in trying to create enterprise app standards. Xamarin is also a key Microsoft partner.