Orange demos 5G network with Dell's Latitude 9510 laptop

5G tests of Dell’s first 5G-ready Latitude notebook reached speeds nearly 20 times faster than 4G
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer on

Global telecom company Orange partnered with Dell Technologies for the first successful test of a PC on Orange's 5G network, the companies announced Friday. Using Dell's first 5G-ready Latitude notebook, the companies were able to achieve download speeds of over 900 Mbps on an enterprise-grade mobile compute platform – nearly 20x the speed of a typical 4G network. 

The live field trials in Paris were conducted with the Dell Latitude 9510 laptop, which debuted earlier this year ahead of CES. 

"Today's announcement is a clear example of how 5G can impact our daily lives," Liam Quinn, SVP and senior fellow for Dell, said in a statement. "Downloading a large presentation or training video could take seconds instead of minutes. Enhanced broadband communications and lower latency enables new usage models and users to complete tasks much faster than 4G-enabled networks, which creates and drives new business models and new applications, like augmented and virtual reality, cloud-assisted gaming, real-time language translation and image processing."

The test builds on the 5G partnership that Dell struck with Orange last year. The two companies committed to jointly developing new platforms to support near real-time edge computing and IoT services.

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