Orange's cloud services group eyes North America, Asia

With 500 customers established in Europe, the IT services company is hoping to win over multinational accounts.

Enterprise IT integrator Orange Business Services, a key Microsoft cloud partner , is reaching outside its traditional European market to offer its infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) via "cloud-ready" data centers in North America and Asia.

Its target: multinational accounts that are seeking a global platform and service provider that can help them move business applications into the cloud. One example is Tiens Group from China, a capital management firm that reaches across biotechnology, health care, hotels and e-commerce. Tiens is using the Orange Flexible Computing service to create IT resources that can be spun up or scaled back on demand.

"Orange Business Services created a global IT infrastructure in the cloud to match our international business on the ground," said Bai Ping, president of the company, in a statement about Orange's expansion. "We have become a more agile organization as we continue to grow globally, and that is all due to the depth and scope of the Flexible Computing service provided."

There are 500 customers using the European Flexible Computing platform, a set of modular IaaS  resources that can be configured in self-managed or fully-managed versions. The invoicing is usage-based, so that customers pay only for the services that are actually used and so that they can more specifically associate certain IT resources with business functions or initiatives.

Orange Business Services' 2015 strategic plan calls for it to generate approximately $650 million in cloud services revenue (about €500 million) by that timeframe. In 2012, its cloud-related revenue was about $150 million (about €113 million).