Oregon lands LinkedIn data center

The company touts green energy and great comm links as reasons for its choice.

LinkedIn has announced that a 34 percent increase in demand is necessitating a third data center in the US and has selected the Hillsboro, Oregon area as the location for the new facility. Its initial plan is to lease space inside the existing Infomart data center and build its own facility on the same property, a former semiconductor manufacturing facility.

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Like many data center operators, LinkedIn finds the green energy providers, excellent network connectivity, and free air cooling capabilities attractive for the creation of data centers. And when you add the available tax breaks for data center investment, it's easy to understand why the Hillsboro region has attracted more than its fair share of data center projects.

According to an article in the Oregonian, Hillsboro wants to capitalize on its attractiveness to the data center industry by implementing a zoning plan that will permit industrial development on existing farmland, making way for as much as 1.2 million feet of additional data center space.

Linkedin expects to develop 8 MW of data center capacity, with building starting in 2016 and an operational target of late in the year. Staffing for the new facility will be drawn from their existing data centers.