org: OpenOffice 3 not delayed, still on track for September

The folks at announced that version 3.

The folks at announced that version 3.0 is not going to be delayed and is scheduled for completion in September – as planned.

The open source Office suite marketing blog on Monday denied -- and blasted reports out of Germany -- that the release of 3.0 is going to be delayed from the summer of 2008 to the fall of 2008.

That sounds right. In September of 2007, marketing chief John McCreesh told this ZDNet blogger that OpenOffice 3.0 would be delivered at next year’s OpenOffice conference, scheduled for September 2008.

On the marketing blog today, though, OO personnel emphasized the date is not set in stone.

“In the development of every application, internal timelines are being set and changed, especially when the estimated release date is far in the future. Thus, I'd never issued any official statement yet on when 3.0 will be released and what features it will contain. There is still a lot to be determined,” according to the blog.

"We expect 3.0 to be ready by the mid of September, but this is not a fixed date, only an estimation. The same goes for the feature set.”

OpenOffice 3.0 will feature Office 2007 filters, redesign report designer, redesigned chart module, and fully native Mac OSX version.