OSE developing blueprint for building industrial machines in post-apocalypse era

Open Source Ecology is creating what it calls the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) -- a technology for ecology -- that can help humans quickly build machines and a mini civilization in the event of a catastrophic event. Maybe overkill, but it's nice to have a blueprint for survival -- and an open source one at that.

Are some in the open source world taking the 2012 apocalypse warnings too seriously?

Can't say, but one organization called Open Source Ecology deems it logical to prepare for the possibility of a catastrophic event on earth. The group is developing what it calls a "Global Village Construction Set" that enables the quick "fabrication"of 50 various industrial machines should civilization as we know it come to an end.

Fascinating. The construction set -- dubbed a "modular, do-it-yourself high performance platform" --incorporates the raw components to "build a small sustainable civilization with modern comforts," such as a bakery oven, universal power supply, tractor, bulldozer, seeder, welder and, of course, a 3D printer.

The Factor e Farm experiment, being conducted on 30 acres of land in rural Missouri, "aims to take everything that civilization has learned to date, to create a working blueprint for communities that work," according to the experiment web site.  It is a "a place where we create the technology for ecology."


"Here we are testing the prototypes of of Global Village Construction Set, working piece by piece towards self sufficiency. Ultimately, our goal is to make this self sufficiency available to all. To this end, the GVCS is designed to be self-replicable. After the first set is complete, it will be used to fabricate copies of itself from raw materials (for the cost of scrap metal). At that point we will shift to begin developing networks of interconnected self-sufficient villages and homes."

Not sure what to do if Missouri gets nailed, but it's reassuring to have a blueprint. Now, where do we hide all the engineers?