OtterBox's iPad Latch: No slips of the hand here

OtterBox's iPad latch keeps your expensive tablet from slipping out of your hand.

OtterBox's iPad latch keeps your expensive tablet from slipping out of your hand.

As I have said on a number of occasions, I am a klutz with handheld electronic devices. They tend to slip out of my hands, crashing into a hard surface and then causing me extreme anguish when I have to call American Express to see if my card will cover the inevitable replacement that will follow.

To proof myself from device damage, I like very protective cases, particularly for expensive toys like the iPad. One such case manufacturer, OtterBox, happens to make some of the very best klutz-proof armor for iPad that I've ever used, the Defender case. They also produce the Commuter, which while still very protective, isn't as heavy.

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OtterBox has recently added a new accessory for the Defender and Commuter cases, the Utility Latch.

The Utility Latch ($49.95) adds an additional layer of safety and utility to using just straight-up protective cases. It actually allows you to strap the iPad to your hand or hang it from your neck, much like a camera strap. It's designed for field data-collection applications, where you might have to use your iPad outside or in harsh environments.

The Utility Latch straps onto your iPad (either with or without a case) using elastic bands and is constructed out of a strong, heavy-duty Nylon fiber material. The hand strap (which is made out of heavy-duty Velcro) is adjustable for comfort

In addition to the hand strap, the Latch comes with an  adjustable lanyard for hanging the iPad in portrait or landscape orientation, a wide elastic strap (for wrapping the iPad around your leg or the back of a car head rest) an S-biner utility clip (for attaching the iPad to your belt when walking outside) as well as a screen cover to temporarily protect your iPad from the elements.

The Latch comes with an accessory storage bag which that holds the lanyard, strap, utility clip and cover, so that you don't lose any parts. It clips onto the Latch for easy transportation.

Right now, I'm using the Utility Latch on my new iPad 2, which is currently living outside of a case without any protection. Believe me, considering how thin and slippery the new device is, I'm happy to have this accessory. I'll be even happier when the Defender series for iPad 2 is ready, so I can combine the slip-free features of the latch with full armored protection.

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