Outage interrupts CBA's internet, mobile, phone banking services

Some of the main banking services that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia offers were forced offline this weekend due to an outage.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has quickly recovered from an outage over the weekend that saw some of its key services forced offline.

According to the bank, it experienced issues with its network connectivity between 10.20am and 12.20pm AEST on Sunday. As a result, customers were unable to access NetBank, Kaching, and its phone banking services during the two-hour outage.

Kaching is one of the most recent services that the bank has begun to offer, introducing it in December 2011 , and arguably its core product for the mobile market. It has already seen 1 million downloads across Android and iOS, and has handled over AU$9 billion in transactions .

It forms part of the company's core banking modernisation program, which has seen it spending big on IT. For the 2013 financial year, it already has tech-related expenses totalling AU$1.29 billion .

In July last year, an internal software upgrade fault crashed computers at its offices, but did not affect any of its customer-facing banking services. Prior to that, in February last year, its ATM and EFTPOS services were forced offline for over 14 hours due to a transaction processing issue.