Over 1,300 swine flu domains registered

Some 1,344 domains containing better-known name of H1N1 virus were registered last weekend, says F-Secure, but there remains only one reported exploit.

The swine flu, or H1N1 virus, is an attractive tool for spammers, security vendor F-Secure reiterated Wednesday.

In a statement, F-Secure said 1,344 domains with the term "swine flu" were registered over the last weekend. To date, none of the domains are hosting any malicious files, save the influenza frequently asked questions.pdf exploit reported last week.

Chia Wing Fei, security response manager from F-Secure Security Labs, said in the statement: "The attacks arrive via an unsolicited e-mail message typically containing a subject line related to the swine flu.

"These e-mail messages may contain a link or an attachment. If users click on this link or open the attachment, they may be directed to a phishing Web site or exposed to malicious code."