Overwhelming demand for Chromecast surprises even Google

Chromecast devices have already sold out on Amazon and Bestbuy.com and opportunists are already reselling them on Ebay for much higher prices.

Chromecast-- Google's new $35 device that brings video and other content from mobile and tablets to your TV--has proven so popular that a special promotion giving buyers three months of free Netflix ended just 24 hours after it launched.

Initially, it looked like Google just killed the Chromecast/Netflix promotion. Now it appears that Google bought a fixed number of Netflix subscriptions to bundle with its Chromecast device and it sold out, reported AllThingsD.

Orders placed before 1 p.m. PST on July 25 will receive their promotion code once their order ships, Google says on its Google Play site.

Chromecast has already sold out on Amazon and Best Buy's online store. Google Play has pushed back the ship date to two to three weeks.

Opportunists, ready to profit off of consumers' inability to wait a few weeks for Chromecast, have already taken to eBay, where the device is being offered for as much as $300, reported ComputerWorld. A quick search on eBay found nearly 400 results for Chromecast with prices generally staying between the $40 and $99 mark.

Photo: Google

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