Oximity wants to redefine journalism

By crowdsourcing articles written by practically anyone, including NGOs and news organisations, Oximity wants to up the ante on global social and economic news production and dissemination

Online media in India is hot, as I had previously described here, but by and large the trend towards digital content still relies on traditional ways of representing or sourcing content.

Oximity promises to change all of that, and that too for a global industry. According to this article, Oximity, wants to alter the way global issues are written and reported by providing a unique crowd-sourced  platform that can be appropriated by NGOs, individuals and even traditional news organisations who want to write about social and economic news that is global in nature. In other words, a "news media with a bottoms-up approach- in writing, reporting, editing and distributing news."

The company is the brainchild of Sanjay Goel, a former student of Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi) and an MBA from New York University as well as Christian Hapke, a Geman software developer with experience in management development and consumer and content related web businesses.

Some big names have decided to back the company, specifically Ronnie Screwvala, founder and CEO of UTV Group, K Ganesh, co-founder of TutorVista, previously snapped up by British media group Pearson Inc; and AppLabs founder Sashi Reddi.

"We believe all human beings are equal, without exception. The disenfranchised can now have a voice, on a level-playing field with the already empowered. And users get to set the news agenda, instead of a few people who run global news media organisations," said Oximity co-founder Sanjay Goel to the Business Standard.

Oximity is also betting that its feature which enables the reporting of news in over 180 languages, along with automatic as well as manual translation, will boost business by removing additional hurdles to the flow of news and information.