P2P company staff arrested for “spreading obscene information” in China

Several staff at Kuaibo, a popular video playing and downloading site, are under criminal detention.

Chinese police arrested and detained several suspects working at Kuaibo, a shenzhen-based P2P video platform for “ spreading obscene information”, according to a chinanews report published on 15 April. 

Investigators found at least 3,000 videos deemed obscene on four Kuaibo servers confiscated by Beijing police during a year-end raid in 2013,

The police also raided  Kuaibo Technology’s head office on the morning of 22 April 2014, although the company had been insisting that it was “operating normally”.

The spokesperson for the national office of “Eliminate Pornography and Illegal Publications” said Kuaibo uses its self-developed player and servers to provide large amounts of pornography to the public, especially to minors, with no regard for social moral standards and legal consequences, 

According to a previous ZDNet report , Kuaibo’s previous success was based on its media streaming system which significantly lowers operating expenses for small and medium-sized web sites, and allows administrators to directly publish and manage their video resources.



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