Pace University forensics expert on China and cybercrime (exclusive video)

Is China a threat when it comes to intellectual property theft and cybercrime? Forensics expert Dr. Darren Hayes says "yes" in this fascinating interview.

As many of you know, I've been very concerned about the Chinese situation. I consider China a "frenemy" and have gone on record at the National Defense University as saying China may be one of America's greatest strategic problems in the coming century.

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I recently had the opportunity to speak with Professor Darren Hayes, CIS Program Chair & Lecturer. Seidenberg School of CSIS at Pace University. He shares many of my concerns about China, particular about how China appears to not only be practicing penetration attempts against US interests, but also is actively involved in stealing proprietary US intellectual property.

I invite you to watch this fascinating and wide-ranging discussion. Show notes are below the video.

Show notes

Darren mentioned a number of resources and articles in the interview. Here are links to those resources:

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