Pad & Quill Timberline and Bella Fino: Handcrafted wood and leather cases for the Apple iPhone X

Pad & Quill have been making cases for Apple products since 2010 and to celebrate the 10th anniversary iPhone it now has seven cases made with leather, wood, and polycarbonate.

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There are seven new Pad & Quill cases available for the Apple iPhone X. Full-grain leather, wood, and black polycarbonate are used to create a collection of five folio wallet and two wood backed protective cases.

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To get a feel for these seven new iPhone X cases, Pad and Quill sent along the Timberline and Bella Fino cases for evaluation. These cases are priced at $39.95 and $89.95, but there is a site-wide 15 percent off sale this weekend as we kick off the holiday shopping season. The discounted prices are $33.96 and $76.46.

Both cases are extremely well made and you can tell a lot was put into creating each one. The leather smells fantastic and has an attractive fit and finish. The wood grain also looks amazing on the Timberline case.

Timberline case

There are two wood back options for the Pad and Quill Timberline case, American Walnut and Rosewood. I checked out the American Walnut case and love how it provides a unique look and feel while not adding much in size to the iPhone X.

There is a soft touch matte finish polycarbonate shell that securely holds your iPhone X in the case. The sides of the shell are covered more than halfway up from the bottom while there are large openings for all buttons, speaker, and ports.

A piece of smooth hardwood is attached on the back of each shell and each case is unique due to the use of actual wood in the case design. The inside of the case has the initials of the artisan that made your individual case too. There is an opening in the wood for your dual camera and flash so that no images are impacted by the opening.

Wireless charging and Apple Pay both work fine when your iPhone X is in the case. The sides also rise just above the display so your screen is protected when you place it down on a table.

Bella Fino Wallet case

There are three exterior leather color options on the Bella Fino Wallet case, including Chocolate, Whiskey, and Galloper Black. Three possible interior colors include Deep Sea Blue, Forest Green, and Slate Gray. A Whiskey with Forest Green case was sent along for me to try.

The wallet folio case has a 3M panel on the right side where you can securely position your iPhone X. In addition, Pad & Quill includes a matte finish polycarbonate shell, similar to the front shell part of the Timberline case. The back of this shell is glossy black and can be positioned and remain in the folio all the time. I used the case with and without this shell piece, but preferred using it without it so I could easily pop out my naked iPhone X for a smaller package.

Above this 3M adhesive pad is a cutout for the dual rear cameras, just like the cutout on the Timberline case.

There are four card slots on the left side with a long pocket behind them for cash. The bottom card pocket has a window for viewing with an opening to make it easy to slide it up and out of the front pocket. Given that my iPhone X supports Apple Pay and it is accessible at many retail outlets, I still need to carry my driver's license, transit card, and work access card so this case is perfect for all of these essentials.

Opening the front flap of the folio turns the display on while closing it turns off the display. I was a bit surprised to see that wireless charging works through the case since it seemed like the leather was too thick for that, but it works just fine.

The stitching is created with UV-resistant marine grade thread so you can trust it will last for a long time. Actually, Pad and Quill cases come with a 25-year leather warranty, which is much longer than you can ever expect your iPhone X to last. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee so there is no risk in buying this high quality case. The leather will patina over time, giving it character and an unique look and feel.