Pakistan hackers deface Israel Web pages

As retaliation against the recent attack on Gaza, hackers from Pakistan vandalized multiple pages of high-profile sites in Israel including BBC, Coca Cola and Intel, mocking finance minister's claims of country's effective security.

Pakistan hackers have defaced multiple pages of high-profile Web sites in a retaliatory move against Israel's recent attack on Gaza.

According to The Next Web news site on Tuesday, the hackers going by the names 1337, H4x0rL1f3, ZombiE_KsA, and Invectus, had hacked sites operated by several major names including Amazon Unbox, BBC, Bing, Citibank, CNN, Coca Cola, Coke, Intel, Mastercard, Microsoft, and Phillips.

All of the attacks seemed to affect the "" and "" domains, but the defaced pages could be viewed by some--and not all--online users, which suggested it could be a DNS attack, the report noted.

The hackers did not appear to be related to hacktivist group, Anonymous, which last week attacked more than 650 Israeli sites  wiping out databases of at least two sites, defacing many, and leaking e-mail addresses and passwords.

by Pakistani hackers

However, on both incidents, hackers shared the same motive of making Israel pay for its attack on the Gaza. An excerpt from defaced pages read (see image above): "I am writing on the behalf of all Pakistani and all Muslims. DAMN you ISREAL. So, what you reap from that war except the destruction and devastation of your life!! You only made a Palestinian generation more stronger, more ruthless and more valor!"

They also mocked a statement from Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, who recently said the country's security systems had been effective. He announced on Sunday that  44 million hacking attempts had been made on Israeli government Web sites since last Wednesday and so far, only one was taken down.