Palm, Microsoft, and Vodafone announce UMTS Treo is coming in 2006

A Windows Mobile Treo with a UMTS radio is finally confirmed, but only officially for Europe at this time. A U.S. GSM version has been rumored to be coming from Cingular, but no confirmation of this has been made yet.

Palm, Microsoft, and Vodafone announced an upcoming Windows Mobile Treo for release in Europe before the end of 2006. GSM subscribers in the U.S. have been waiting patiently for Verizon Wireless' exclusive deal for the Treo 700w to end so they can get their hands on a Windows Mobile Treo and the news looks good now that there is an official announcement for a GSM/UMTS version in Europe. U.S. carriers still need to get going on rolling out UMTS, which may be a reason that these UMTS models are being held up. There have been lots of rumors of the Palm Treo Nitro and Lennon with the Nitro supposedly a Palm OS based device targeted at more of the new user market. The Lennon may be what this recently announced device is since the Lennon is rumored to have a UMTS radio, 1.3 megapixel camera, integrated WiFi, and WM 5.0 with the Microsoft Feature Pack that includes Direct Push email and other security enhancements.

I switch devices too much to go with Verizon or Sprint and an EVDO device so I am one of those waiting for UMTS to roll out in the U.S. and give us access to new high speed wireless devices. I was a Treo fan for quite a while, but have moved onto other devices like the Nokia E61 as I wait for the high speed data network on T-Mobile to get up and running. Are other GSM subscribers waiting for the network or are you jumping to the faster EVDO carriers?