Palm webOS 1.2 released; LinkedIn syncing, email filtering, Amazon downloads, and faster transitions

Palm users will get an update in the next few days for webOS version 1.2.

Palm users will get an update in the next few days for webOS version 1.2.

The new iteration of the mobile operating system includes an update to Palm Synergy, which added LinkedIn support. More detailed info from LinkedIn will appear on your phone, like job titles and work phone numbers.

Palm Synergy 1.2

webOS is known for search functionality, and that has been improved with 1.2. You can now filter emails just by typing in the search box, a feature that should have been in there from the get go. It's a little easier to copy and paste web addresses and content from emails now.

You can finally download mp3s from the Amazon store using your regular phone connection. Previously, you had to use wifi.

I also noticed that transitions have been changed, meaning the time that it takes for actions to occur on the phone. Tweezing and pinching a website is a little slower, but general operations seem faster. Another minor change I noticed is thumbnails in the bottom notification bar.

While webOS 1.2 is a nice upgrade, Palm still has a lot to improve, including the app submission process. You should also be able to download and subscribe to podcasts, a process that should sync with iTunes. 1.2.1 will fix iTunes syncing again.

A full list of enhancements is listed on Palm's website.

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