Panasonic announces HDC-SDT750 consumer 3D camcorder

Panasonic officially announces its new consumer-level high-def 3D camcorder.

Though details had already dribbled out on the Net, Panasonic has now officially announced its HDC-SDT750 consumer-level 3D camcorder. As expected, the new camcorder is essentially a souped-up version of Panasonic's 3MOS HDC-TM700 (minus the 32GB of built-in memory), outfitted with a 3D conversion lens.

The conversion lens records two 960x1080-pixel images simultaneously through two lenses to produce a stereoscopic image that can be played back on 3D-capable TVs. In addition to shooting 3D, the SDT750 can record full 1080p video in AVCHD format and offers a 5.1-channel audio recording system that uses five microphones. Other fun features include Time Lapse Recording, which works with the 3D conversion lens attached or not and allows you to record at 1-second, 10-second, 30-second, 1-minute, or 2-minute intervals to create an accelerated time-lapse video.

For more details, read the full press release.

The HDC-SDT750 will be available in October for a suggested retail price of $1,399.95.