Panasonic takes B2B turn, plugs cloud, 'wonder life' vision

Panasonic aims to 'shift its focus to the B2B market while preserving its DNA inherited from consumer electronics.' Think back-end integration enabling monetization with a smart home front end.

Panasonic is pitching itself as a cloud technology company that can connect consumers and its electronics with a host of business partners. Think of Panasonic's plan as a business-to-business dream plugged into a smart home wrapper.

In a Wonder Life-BOX 2020 demonstration in Tokyo, Panasonic outlines its vision for the future — six years from now. Panasonic said:

The company is stepping up its efforts to shift its focus to the B2B market while preserving its DNA inherited from consumer electronics.

Panasonic, like every other tech vendor, is looking to thread the needle between a bevy of themes such as big data, analytics, cloud computing and personalization. For Panasonic, the wonder life theme is a way to connect everything from supply chain services, security, personal recommendations for everything from clothing to makeup, healthcare tips with body composition monitors and connections to society. Of course, everyone from Apple to Samsung to Google also has a smart home play.

There are some obvious hurdles here. First, you have to believe Panasonic can be a go-to cloud provider and serve as an integrator. Panasonic's challenge is that the company is mostly known as a consumer electronics player. In addition, Panasonic is trailing the B2B shift relative to rival Samsung.

Here's the master plan:


The venue for Panasonic's vision is the smart home. The front end includes smart healthcare, virtual fittings and other goodies. The back-end work is where much of the integration and potential monetization happens. The big question is whether any of these concepts will seamlessly integrate in six years.

Good morning. Here's your body composition bright and early. Image: Panasonic
Your screen filled kitchen and living space. Image: Panasonic
Everything from smart lockers for deliveries (refrigerated too), facial recognition for security and screens linking you to the community will reside in the home. Image: Panasonic
You're not going to wear that to work are you? Try this. Image: Panasonic