Panzura nabs investment from SanDisk Ventures

The cloud storage provider attracts investment from the investment arm of the U.S. flash memory giant.


SanDisk, the multinational flash memory storage giant headquartered in California, announced this morning that its venture arm has invested in cloud storage startup Panzura.

The amount was not disclosed.

Panzura specializes in flash-based network attached storage for enterprise companies. (We recently had a lengthy discussion with one of the company's senior executives; you can read that here .) The idea: use flash memory to store data in the cloud and off-premise.

For that reason, it's pretty clear why SanDisk is interested in the younger company. It's no stranger, either: SanDisk participated in Panzura's recent Series D funding round, alongside Meritech Capital, Matrix Partners, Khosla Ventures, Opus Capital and Chevron Technology Ventures.

For Panzura, the hope is that it can leverage SanDisk's presence in the market to accelerate adoption of its wares. (Its technical expertise doesn't hurt, either.) The startup company's technology excels at scale; landing bigger customers, then, will in theory give it more chance to shine.