Paper cut out at registry

Owners of domain names will no longer have to resort to paper if they want to renew or update their registrations

Owners of domain names can now do what some argue they should have been able to do for a long time, and confirm changes to their registration details online.

Previously, domain name owners could register online but had to revert to the offline world of paper to confirm their details. Nominet, the domain registry, would send out a paper certificate to anybody registering a domain name or updating one together with a form on which they could check and update their details. Nominet is a not-for-profit organisation that manages the authoritative database of .uk domain name registrations, and does not proactively sell domain name registrations -- these are sold by a number of for-profit companies acting as registrars.

Now, says Nominet, domain name owners can cut out the paper chase. Instead of the current paper certificate, those who register or renew their .uk domain name will be sent a letter with a Web address and unique security code to let them access the online system.

"It is so important that we know accurate and up to date contact information," said Eleanor Bradley, director of operations at Nominet. "This is really critical for when people want to make changes later." The move is intended to encourage registrants to manage their .uk domain name administration online, said Bradley. "Many registrants forget to let us know of personnel or address changes once they have registered the domain name, which can lead to difficulties if we need to contact them about it," she added. "The online access to their .uk domain name records will make it easier for them to keep us both informed."